ToxicAppl3 Inc’s Website and amongst other misc items.

The website of @iKilledAppl3’s affiliation. This is a revamped version anything here can be used as long as credit is given to @iKilledAppl3.

Licensed Under the Apache 2.0 Liscense

Cydia Repo folder is under the folder repo

The repo contains all the deb files and other misc repo items needed for Cydia to see the repo. It has 3 open-soured tweaks under the /repo/OpenSourceTweaks/ folder. You can use those for whatever if you’re looking for better a bit more sophisticated tweaks you should check out these:

@iKilledAppl3’s Open Sourced Tweaks

open-sourced-tweaks NanoChargingView 2 EnableCCMute Envoy WaterCharge RoundedSwitchr AND MANY MORE… Just have a look REMEMBER TO GIVE CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR!


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